These Stylish Dog Products Won’t Sabotage Your Decor

If you own a dog, chances are your home has its fair share of toys, beds, and other pet accessories scattered from room to room. My frenchie, Ramona Quimby (‘Mona’), prefers to have her toys spread across the floor where she can see them instead of in the basket I’ve designated for toy-storage. But hey, it’s her world and I’m just living in it… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why I make sure that all of Mona’s things blend in with the decor of my space.

I used to have to get pretty creative to make this happen. Instead of settling for cheesy bone and paw-print covered beds from pet-store chains, I’d buy large floor pillow inserts and cover them with Euro-size bedroom shams in durable, stylish fabrics. Sheepskin throws fit the bill as well. I’d comb the internet searching for toys that looked more like decor items and less like Fisher Price bath toys. And bowls from my vintage Hellerware picnic set were repurposed as dog bowls.

But recently, there has been a welcome shift in the market. Millennials own dogs in higher rates than any previous generation and brands are taking notice. Lots of home decor companies like Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and Urban Outfitters have begun carrying pet products and smaller companies are popping up with plenty of visually appealing swag for your furry friend. Check out this roundup of stylish dog products sure to keep your pup and your design sense satisfied.


  • For the tastemaker who loves an up and coming brand and isn’t afraid to go bold with color and pattern, a Dusen Dusen dog bed is a must. I’ll take one too, while you’re at it!

  • I know, I know, it’s a picture of a cat. But that’s because this is an inclusive pet pillow that doesn’t discriminate (even though dogs are obviously better). This mud cloth pet bed from Etsy shop NomadCloth is as pretty as a throw pillow from McGee & Co and I’m swooning. Perfect for a boho, coastal, or california modern aesthetic.

  • If playful and modern is your jam, you can’t for wrong with this squiggle floor cushion from Etsy shop ZanaProducts.

  • Fans of Rifle Paper Co. can nab a dog bed cover in one of several iconic prints by the beloved stationery company from Etsy shop TheFoggyDoggy. Pictured: Rosa Floral Natural Dog Bed Cover

  • The Shore Bed by See Scout Sleep could be mistaken for a stylish meditation cushion.

  • With its classic and tailored design, this striped bed from Waggo, which comes in several colorways, would make a great accent for a variety of home styles, from modern farmhouse to traditional glam.

  • If rustic is your thing, these classic wool Pendleton beds definitely bring a ‘cabin in the woods’ vibe.

  • Let your dog get in on the hygge home action with this fuzzy pouf from Modern Beast to snuggle them all night.

  • Don’t worry shibori lovers, I haven’t forgotten about you. This Amy Sia for Deny Tangier Pet Bed from Urban Outfitters is the answer to your indigo dyed prayers.

  • OK, this bed is actually sold out right now in both colors, but I’m including it in this list anyway, so that it’s on your radar for when they restock. The Urbanest Pet Bed is basically the Eames lounger of pet beds. Or the Birkin Bag. This bed is for the design lover who truly feels that the dog’s decor is as important as the dog. Leave it to Love Thy Beast to raise the bar once again.


  • If you’re the kind of person who takes selecting a dog bowl as seriously as registering for wedding china (no shade; I’m with you) this Dog & Co bowl is the one for you.

  • Clean and simple, the Dipper Ceramic Dog Bowl from Waggo comes in 10 color varieties in sizes small, medium, and large. Waggo carries a number of covetable dog bowl styles besides this one, including a two-handled design that looks like a mini Le Creuset dutch oven!

  • If you’ve got a boho streak and you can’t stop adding kilim pillows to your Etsy cart (There’s something so satisfying about putting them in the cart, even though you’re not planning on purchasing all 27 pillows- that would be crazy…right?) this Holli Zollinger for Deny Kilim Pet Bowl Set from Urban Outfitters is for you.

  • For pottery lovers, this handmade blue ceramic bowl from Etsy shop AnimalsInCharge is just the ticket.

  • Minimalists will appreciate this sleek bowl set and stand from Doca Pet. This is one of several modern designs available in the online shop.

  • For my lucite lovers out there (I see you!) this elevated acrylic pet feeder stand from Lubber is your understated and chic answer. I can speak from personal experience that this stand is durable and a breeze to clean. Rubber strips on the bottom of the legs prevent scooting when your dog is eating with particular gusto.

  • If a more organic look is your thing, you can’t go wrong with this bamboo model from EXPAWLORER.

  • Or, if you’re loving those mid-century plant stands that are so trendy right now, pick up one of these Mr. Dog feeders. The scandi-style bowls can be used alone or in a stand, and come in a variety of neutrals and primary colors.

  • Bold pattern lovers can use this placemat from Pussy and Pooch to catch mealtime crumbs.


The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy by Up Dog is a treat-dispensing toy designed to provide mental and physical stimulation for your pup. It was clearly also designed with the dog-owner in mind, because this is one snappy looking gizmo! It’s basically the sports car of chew toys. Available in several colors on Amazon.

  • You could probably sneak this NYC snow globe chew toy by Kurgo into your shelfie pics without anyone even realizing it’s the dog’s.

  • If you’re a plant lady like me, this succulent chew toy from Waggo will blend right in with the house plants. Which, come to think of it, could be a good or bad thing.

  • Elevate your plush toy game with this sweet and petite pineapple wool toy from Love Thy Beast. All natural wool and nontoxic dyes for the win.

  • Turn your living room floor into a futuristic still life with a geometric treat dispensing banana and pear from

  • I’ll admit this plush cutie from West Paw looks like a typical dog toy, but he’s (she’s?) so adorable I wouldn’t mind finding this little monster lying around.


We use a harness with Mona, and I have my fingers crossed that Love Thy Beast decides to make a harness in this woven style soon because HELLO. This leash and collar situation is AMAZE.

  • If you’re relishing the recent revival of the Memphis Milano style, you should probably order this Zee.Dog leash ASAP.

  • This adjustable blush ombré leash from Found My Animal makes for the perfect accessory to your #OOTD.

  • You love marble in the kitchen; why not on your pup too? Treat your fur baby to this lux look from Pup Style.

  • Or carry your pooch instead. Just make sure you do it in style with this waxed canvas carrier from Love Thy Beast.

  • Or this dapper statement tote from Mr. Dog.

(Images: 1-3. Annabel Joy. All others: As credited above.)


      1. Yeeees, my boyfriend and I have been living in London for the last two years so we haven’t been able to get one but as soon as we get back to Aus and in our house again we will! I’m so excited


  1. Wow! I had no idea there were so many dog items on the market! I really love the mud cloth dog pillow and the Dusen Dusen…I’m pretty certain my kids and husband would easily mistake the mud cloth pillow for a regular throw pillow and we’d be mix and matching dog items with human items!!!

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